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    Fanmade Alternative Universes

    This page covers fanmade Stranger Eons' Alternative Universes and parodies.

    Snoe Regnarts

    Made by the % system, it is an alternative universe in which character traits are flipped and everyone is genderswapped. The main cast talks on a group chat called Büth.


    • Sati - a boy with wires coming out of his body. He lives in a city full of people with his pet fern called Fried Chicken.
    • Double b - a boy with d b marks on his cheeks. He wears a fishing hat instead of a crown and shorts. His nickname is 'Nail'. He has a friend called Beige who taught him how to use a sword.
    • Mercury - a trans girl who lives with her loving and caring parents, who are not cultists.
    • Rryaan- a girl who always wears her white shutter shades and she has a MILF mother called Mag.

    The character's colors are a bit inconsistent.

    Weirder Eras

    Weirder Eras is a direct parody of Stranger Eons. Written as if by an AI, which was programmed by a cat, who was having a stroke. Also there's the Marinara Tower.

    It follows the same chapter-act structure, and currently has 3 segments:

    1. Abnormal Beginning
    2. Curious Deity
    3. Extradimensional Figures

    The intermission tries to make it semi-cannon by explaining the weirdness by a glitch in the Finity Machine.


    • Sorry - has a pet cactus called Sussy.
    • Snickers - has hands.
    • Thhorne
    • Ryan

    Sare Redriew

    It is a parody of the alternate universe, or an alternate universe of the parody, hard to say.

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