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    A closeup of a meer's face.
    A closeup of a meer's face.

    Meers are a species of subaquatic humanoids. They spend most of their time underwater, but can get out of the water to hunt for food, perform social rituals, or meet with creatures they consider friendly. Canonically, they are seen in a river near where Sari lives, but they can also inhabit lakes and parts of the ocean. They are similar to Rain World's scavengers.


    Meers feature two big, round, yellow eyes that glow in the dark and three horns. They also have fins on the sides of their head, and the sides of their torso. The horns on the sides of their head are often identical, but the one above the forehead can be unique. Their hands are identical to those of a typical human, with the exception of the second thumb they have on the other side of their hands. Their feet are identical to their hands, possessing the same dexterity but greater strangth, making them very capable when climbing in above-ground environments such as the superstructure near Sari.


    Meers possess a spoken language, but due to their underwater environment, it isn't greatly developed. Instead, they communicate using sign language. Some words, both signed and spoken, are universal, but there are dialectal variations, and even tribes of meers that have words unique to them.


    Meers breathe aerobically. They use air diluted in water to breathe, this allows them to spend some time above water as long as their fins are wet. Deep sea meers are often locked to underwater ecosystems where creatures that produce air as waste material are dominant.

    To avoid being dragged by currents while sleeping, meers feature a simple locking mechanism on their ankles and wrists, which allows them to hang onto any long, thin object such as a horizontal pole. This way, they can hang from it without using energy. Unlocking themselves is done with a simple muscle movement flexing their torso backwards until they can move their limbs freely.


    • Meers originally were created as part of a section of the world for Treize, another project by the author of Stranger Eons
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