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    Sari is the primary character of Garbage City Shuffle, and the first character shown and introduced within Stranger Eons.


    She is depicted with straight neck-length reddish-purple hair and a lavender skin tone, and as of yet has only been seen wearing a magenta sweater, purplish-black pants, and gray shoes with red soles. This has been observed, with the exception of clothes, to be a similar description to the newscaster seen on Mars' television on Page 131, although the palettes are not precisely identical. A strange feature of her appearance are stringy loops on her hair, sweater and pants (although not always visible, it is implied that they're always there). They are similar to those seen on Mars+


    As a result of her isolation, she is a hunter-gatherer by trade, and has created various wall drawings in her residence using several distinct pigments. She is currently in the process of reassembling a computer from discarded parts often gathered from the nearby superstructure.

    Both Sari's backstory and location are currently unclear. She is stated to have never seen the sun[1], probably as a consequence of the layer of ash clouds in her area[2]. She lives near a superstructure somewhat similar to Aminara Tower, containing advanced technology, abnormal lifeforms, and symbols which are ostensibly Guardian logograms. She is stated to have seen these symbols in the past, most likely as a result of her explorations of this structure, but is uncertain of their meaning. A set of these symbols is also seen in one of her wall drawings[3]. In addition, her residence is near a river which is inhabited by meers.

    Sari is the owner of a cactus (now deceased) which is contained within a flower pot that has the word 'sushi' engraved on it [4]. It is noteworthy that the cupboard in Mars' house contains a golden flower kept in an identical flower pot.


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