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    Garbage City Shuffle is the first act of Chapter 1 of Stranger Eons. It follows from the perspective of protagonist Sari as she ventures from her mountain to an abandoned structure to locate parts for her broken computer. This act spans the first 82 pages of Stranger Eons (93 pages counting sub-pages) and features 2 [S] soundpages.

    List of pages

    #NameDate Published
    1"Stranger Eons"16 May 2022
    2"Who is she anyways?"16 May 2022
    2_1"Check your computer"-
    2_2"What's that box?"-
    2_3"Look at the cactus"-
    2_4"Open the curtain and let the sun in"-
    2_5"Look at your art"-
    2_5_2"What's this other one?"-
    3"Proceed"17 May 2022
    4"Grab a spear"17 May 2022
    5"No not that one the cooler one"17 May 2022
    6"The one with the red cloth"17 May 2022
    7"What is a berry bomb"17 May 2022
    8"Proceed"17 May 2022
    9"Proceed"17 May 2022
    10"Ok then just take the normal one"19 May 2022
    11"Proceed"19 May 2022
    12"Proceed"19 May 2022
    13"Proceed"19 May 2022
    14"Proceed"19 May 2022
    15"[S] STRANGER EONS"19 May 2022
    16"Proceed"21 May 2022
    17"So what is this important thing"21 May 2022
    18"Proceed"21 May 2022
    18_1"What's that flower"-
    19"Proceed"21 May 2022
    20"Check if it's deaf"21 May 2022
    21"Proceed"21 May 2022
    22"Proceed"26 May 2022
    23"What is the structure"26 May 2022
    24"Find computer parts"26 May 2022
    25"Proceed"26 May 2022
    26"Proceed"26 May 2022
    27"Proceed"28 May 2022
    28"Analyze the risks"31 May 2022
    29"That's very bad actually"31 May 2022
    30"Proceed i Guess."31 May 2022
    31"Proceed"31 May 2022
    32"Proceed"31 May 2022
    33"Proceed"01 Jun 2022
    34"Proceed"01 Jun 2022
    35"Enter the column"01 Jun 2022
    36"Proceed"01 Jun 2022
    37"Climb up"04 Jun 2022
    38"Proceed"04 Jun 2022
    39"Proceed"04 Jun 2022
    40"Wait..."04 Jun 2022
    41"Proceed"04 Jun 2022
    42"Proceed"06 Jun 2022
    43"Proceed"06 Jun 2022
    44"Proceed"06 Jun 2022
    44_1"Enter the first sequence"-
    44_2"Enter the second sequence"-
    44_3"Enter the third sequence"-
    44_4"Enter the fourth sequence"-
    45"Proceed"12 Jun 2022
    46"How are you gonna open it"12 Jun 2022
    47"Proceed???"12 Jun 2022
    48"This seems unadvisable"12 Jun 2022
    49"You should stop"12 Jun 2022
    50"No really just stop"12 Jun 2022
    51"Can't you do this faster"12 Jun 2022
    52"YEAH."12 Jun 2022
    53"[S] RUN"12 Jun 2022
    54"Are you okay"15 Jun 2022
    55"Sorry"15 Jun 2022
    56"Let's just go back home"15 Jun 2022
    57"..."15 Jun 2022
    58"Let's just go home"15 Jun 2022
    59"Proceed"15 Jun 2022
    60"Look for something familiar"15 Jun 2022
    61"Creature: Proceed"15 Jun 2022
    62"Creature: Proceed"17 Jun 2022
    63"Proceed"17 Jun 2022
    64"Doesn't seem like they can talk"17 Jun 2022
    65"SPEARS: Introduce the red guy to the friendly land person"17 Jun 2022
    66"Proceed"17 Jun 2022
    67"Time to go home?"17 Jun 2022
    68"SARI: Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    69"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    70"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    71"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    72"Make a drawing"20 Jun 2022
    73"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    74"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    75"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    76"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    77"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    78"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    79"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    80"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    81"Proceed"20 Jun 2022
    82"????: Spectate"20 Jun 2022
    Note: Page 83, a page transitioning between Act 1 and Intermission 1 was not included, as it is counted as part of Intermission 1 in page counts.[1]


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