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    Preface Panel. A brief writing in an unknown language is at the foreground. A red brown room with sparse things shows blurred at the background.
    Preface Panel.

    A webcomic about a young human who’s about to do something important.

    - Preface

    Stranger Eons is an ongoing webcomic made by Katie Ampersand, about a group of people communicating over the Internet, their lives, and their odd, seemingly contradictory worlds.


    Stranger Eons is divided into chapters, which are further comprised of acts and intermissions. Currently, one chapter, Ereyesterday Overmorrow, is in progress, with four completed sections (Garbage City Shuffle, Powerless God, The Beginning of Time, and Ego Maintenance) and an ongoing third act, Unparalleled Innocence. The comic features bonus QnA sections after every intermission.


    The comic is presented in a single-panel format that mimics that of MS Paint Adventures, specifically imitating Homestuck. In each page, there is a panel, text, commands, and on occasion, a chat box. The reader progresses the story by clicking on the commands, and the characters' reaction is shown in the next page using the other three elements. In pages with more than one command to proceed, only the last one continues the story. Some pages are animated using gifs, and some are animated using HTML5, allowing for them to include sound effects, interactive elements, and a soundtrack. Commands that lead to pages with sound are labeled with a [S] preceding the command.

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