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    Leaves and Peas facing each other.
    Leaves and Peas facing each other in the image for Chapter 1 Intermission 1.

    Guardians are a kind of supradimensional, long-lived conscious beings. Their regular forms are alike big slugs or worms, white with oval faces of another color that depends on the individual, these having varied withe streak patterns. They oversee several worlds, including ones when humans reside. They tend to possess long, descriptive full names usually shortened for brevity.

    While guardians communicate in perfect English, they also use an undeciphered writing system that also appears in other places on the comic, even including the Stranger Eons logo.

    Known guardians

    Countless Leaves Surrounding A Single Sun

    Countless Leaves Surrounding A Single Sun[1] (short. Countless Leaves, abbrev. CL) is a guardian, and the main character of Chapter 1 Intermission 1 "Powerless God". She is aware of the webcomic, the readers, and the community, breaking the fourth wall on more than one occassion, and showing hospitality and understanding towards the readers. The only times the comic's narration used the first person so far referred exclusively to her. She is also aware of the main cast and their communications, and oversees them, expressing concern over the future of their worlds, remarking "Things are… quite bad… for everyone involved." She seems to be able to do this by a mechanism called Finite Machine.

    She was "kicked out" by their fellow Guardians, disagreeing on their attitudes about the overseen worlds. She mutually strongly dislikes Bowl of Peas, her former subordinate before her banishing, calling them "Piss" instead.

    She prefers her humanoid form rather than their Guardian one. The former is pale, with hazelnut hair, a dark green long-sleeve shirt, hazelnut pants, dark green eyes, and a few dark green vine-like marks on her face. Her Guardian form is white with dark green.

    Bowl of Peas under the Shadow of a Tree

    Bowl of Peas under the Shadow of a Tree (short. Bowl of Peas, abbrev. BOP) is a guardian featured in Chapter 1 Intermission 1 Powerless God. Their body is white, with reddish brown. Their face features a "mask" featuring a white emblem with horn-like markings on each side and the center. Small circles accent the side markings.

    They mutually strongly dislike Countless Leaves, their former superior before her banishing, insisting her to not take humanoid form in their presence.

    Bowl of Peas is seen in the comic as a idol of worship from an unknown cult.[2]

    They are known to be needlessly aggressive and egotistical when talking to lifeforms they see as lesser.

    Cult members are seen using a certain type of flower to make contact with them[3], implying supernatural or hallucinatory properties.

    They are believed to have knowledge of what Mars is thinking at any given point, revealing that he is "going to the top of the tower"[4].


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