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    Mars is the second main character of Stranger Eons, a young human introduced in Chapter 1 Act 2, "The Beginning Of Time" . His interests involve linguistics, puzzles and videogames. He also holds a special interest over "the Tower" and its mysteries. He is transgender, and his desktop wallpaper heavily resembles the transgender flag[1].(He has a similar wallpaper on his phone, however the colors are changed[2]) He describes himself as an extroverted (yet socially anxious) person.[3] His parents are very restrictive and don't allow him to leave the house alone. He likes talking to his friends using the Violence Chat client.


    He has black hair, light olive skin, a light brown shirt and black pants.

    Dream visions

    He quite frequently experiences recurrent confusing imagery in his nightmares that distresses him. It ranges from vast outer space, a peculiar type of flower, several earth-like planets some of which "don't look good", and disturbing visions involving specific people that "might be [his Internet] friends"[4].


    It is highly plausible he arrived on an asteroid, similar to Ryann and Claw. He is strongly implied to be the Aminara Child, kidnapped by The Cult.[5] His 13th birthday was on May 16th, 2014[6] (May 16th is the day on which the first page of SE was released[7]). Seria refers to him as "The Flower Child", and also mentions he arrived 8 yeas prior,[8] which means Act 2 takes place in 2022 and Mars is around 21 years old.

    In the Tower

    He's possibly visible on page 401 holding a phone and standing behind some crates while Claw runs from the birds with Sepia.



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