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    The Cult is a collection of people that follow Bowl of Peas. The Cult is made up of many different people, adding up to a total of 13.


    Seria is the perceived leader of the cult, seen standing at the forefront, and leading Chants. Their skin is a dark teal with light black Hair. They speak in a specialized tone, seen through capitalization of their first and last words of each Sentence.

    A picture of Seria, surprised to see their guests

    Andre is One of The main Members of The cult, Being one Of the People able To see Their master, Along with Arson. He is Implied to Be Mars' Father figure. He is Said to Be "weak in faith" compared To Arson[1]. He talks With a Capital letter For every Other word. He is the only one of the three cult members who knows how to drive[2]. Andre does not have a son[3][4].

    A picture of Andre looking around the room

    Arson Is The Second Of The Main Members Of The Cult. She Is Implied To Be Mars' Mother Figure. She Is Strong In Her Faith And Worships BOP The Most. She Talks With Every Word Beginning With A Capital Letter.

    A picture of Arson looking up to Bowl of Piss Peas


    The cult's exact location is currently unknown, but it is implied to be next to The Tower


    The cult's building is a deep orange red, with golden flowers lining the interior. A warm glow surrounds the room. A large pane of glass is seen above the entrance, with planters containing golden flowers on both sides. The glass bears BOP's markings. Behind the main stage, a symbol similar to the one that appears when Sari enters the superstructure is featured. The doors at the front of the building are a dark, pale red, with huge door knockers featured on them.


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