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    Stranger Eons Wiki

    Stranger Eons Wiki is the website you are currently browsing. It compiles the knowledge gathered by the fans of Stranger Eons (aka "strangers") about the plot, character, world and speculations about the comic. The wiki is hosted by Miraheze and is powered by MediaWiki.


    Most articles talk about the main Characters, some describe locations in minute detail like article about the Forest. There's also a lot of articles about containers, of which there are many in Stranger Eons. Additionally the website has many humorous articles ranging from a comprehensive list of all chairs to funny invisible dudes like Greg. While most facts stated on this website are backed up with direct quotes form the comic, some information may turn out to be false, due to the mysterious nature of the source material. Therefore, it is the ongoing mission of devoted strangers, to update and maintain this wiki as closely and truthfully with the lore of SE as humanly possible.


    The wiki features a standard layout for a wiki page. With a large Stranger Eons' logo in the top-left corner, a sidebar with tool and useful links. In the center of the screen the articles are displayed. Users may navigate between different articles by clicking on hyperlinks inside the text. To the top is a series of tabs used to edit the article, which can be done even by unregistered users. In the top right corner a search bar can be accessed, allowing users to quickly find what they're looking for. The layout of the page can be seen in the picture below.

    Layout of the wiki
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