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    Chair[🪑] is a type of furniture, typically used for sitting[[1]]. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Most commonly they have four legs, a seat and some form of back support, however none of those are necessary to call something a chair. Chairs can be spotted in many different locations in Stranger Eons and the aim of this article is to keep track of them in order of appearance.

    Sari's stool

    Seen once and only on page 10, Sari's stool is located near a wall under some of Sari's drawings. it has a bright orange seat and four (one obstructed) small black legs. Sari is never seen sitting on this chair (she sits on the floor while using her computer[1]), however, it's placement near a wall with pictures which reach close to the ceiling suggests that she uses it to elevate herself while drawing.

    Stool with an orange seat and 3 visible legs
    Sari's stool

    Mars' desk chair

    First appeared on page page 104. It is a white, plastic chair, used by Mars to sit on while using his computer. It features four legs, a seat and a back support with four vertical holes. Mars starts sitting on it on page 110 and he gets up from it on page 118. We can speculate that it's used quite often, based on how much time Mars spends talking to his friends via his computer, especially after his parents have hidden his phone. It's last appearance so far was on page 120.

    The chair in Mars' room

    Armchair in Mars' living room

    Introduced on page 145 as part of the living room in Mars' house, while he was exploring it, looking for the keys to a locked room. The chair is light brown, featuring cushioned seat and backrest as well as two armrests. The amount of legs is unknown since none are visible (four appears to be the most reasonable guess). Mars is seen checking the chair for hidden items on page 146. It contained some lost money, a paperclip and most likely a hidden eyestalk.[2] It was last seen when Mars left the living room to wash his hands on page 153.

    The Armchair

    Claw's throne

    First seen on page 213. This armchair is light blue, like Claw's dress. It has a cushioned seat, backrest and two armrests. It also features a lever, which when pulled, changes the chair into a sleeping position, making for a really really comfortable soft bed.[3] Claw claims she sleeps on this chair (which she call her throne). She's also seen sitting on it in the second QnA. It is said to have come from the Tower, from a level which was inhabited by humans. Despite owning this rather marvelous chair, Claw prefers to use her computer sitting on the floor (similar to Sari).[4] Out of all chairs seen so far, this one has received the most attention.

    The blue throne

    Ryann's desk chair

    First appeared on page 280 to great critical acclaim. Admired by the entire fanbase and revered as the ultimate sitting appliance. It is the only seat befitting someone as cool and awesome and handsome and amazing and charming and powerful and chill and cool again and basically the best as Ryann. This chair is the comfiest chair there ever was and it's construction is perfectly designed: It has four legs, spread in a cross shape with a spoke in the middle which holds the actual seat with a soft cushion. There is no backrest, cause that's for losers and you're not a loser, you're so cool... I mean, Ryann is. Anyway! The chair is black, not that it matters when you're wearing sunglasses. It is currently unknown how other children would react to this chair, but here are some predictions:

    • Sari: Oh wow, it's rotating! Wheeeee!
    • Mars: Nice chair you've got there Ryann. I'm impressed.
    • Claw: I'm not sure how you're supposed to sleep on that. Wait... you don't sleep on your chair? That's weird but you're cool so I won't argue with you.

    The best chair to ever chair. 11/10. Would chair again. CHAIRR.

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    2. "There was also something small and kind of gooey. It has a soft surface, and it's like a string connected to a mushy sphere of some kind." Page 147
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