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    Questions and Answers is a bonus section which appears after every intermission. It's comprised of panels in which Stranger Eons' characters reply to questions asked by it's fans on Discord and Matrix.


    -The chapters page

    List of Q&A entires

    List of Questions and Answers
    Question Recipient Answer Page
    Why do you become flesh?Also would you like to go out? We can get cheescake. Leaves Cake's alright page:qna1_1
    What is your opinion on this image?[surreal meme] Ryann 10/10 would image again page:qna1_2
    What's your favorite thing? Sari That one's tough... idk food maybe? Can I go with everything? page:qna1_3
    Hi Anyone (eyeballs) And he was like let's drain that ecosystem; Damn; Promotion much; IKR???; Oh, hi? page:qna1_4
    Did you know that it says gullible on the ceiling? Mars fr dude? page:qna1_5
    Do you know what ADHD is? Mars I do actually! [arrow saying "cluelless" point's at hims] page:qna2_1
    Thoughts on mari ship? Sari Mars has told me about ships! I've been to remnants! page:qna2_2
    Thoughts on each of the htub members? Mars They confuse me. I used to think it was all roleplay but something else is going on And claw's a mess but she tries her best mostly page:qna2_3
    What's your home life like? Claw Oh y'know.... uneventful......_ page:qna2_4
    What's the least bad thing about humans? Peas Humans are... a complex issue but... Leaves has told me of her time on their homeworld; Some of them have good work ethic I think the G15 could learn from that page:qna2_5
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