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    Illustration Description
    A collection of marks etched in the wall; Implied to be how many days Sari has been there.
    Implied to be a failed drawing of Sari's, with an angry face to the top-right of it.
    A drawing of two people, with one leading the other.
    A drawing of a dog-like creature.
    A drawing of a bird-like creature. (possible one of the birds seen on page:316
    A drawing of a mask of some sort.
    A drawing of Sari's computer.
    A drawing of four people; implied to be the children.
    A drawing of someone aiming a spear at a humanoid creature, possibly a meer.
    A drawing of emoticons most used by Sari.
    Another drawing of a dog-like creature, this time of a close-up of its face.
    A drawing of a spear
    A drawing of a mushroom, confirming their existence in the forest.
    A drawing of a flower, which bears a resemblance to a golden flower.
    A simple drawing of a box.
    A drawing of two people under a tree.
    A drawing of person sitting with their knees up in a corner of a room; Possibly Countless Leaves.
    A drawing of simple shapes.
    A drawing of symbols featured in the ancient ruins.
    A drawing of a small, mouse-like creature.
    A drawing of a mountain range.
    A drawing of a person next to a string hung by a pole, possibly holding bomb berries.
    A drawing depicting a cherry.
    A drawing of a creature representing a deer.
    A drawing representing a lizard.
    A drawing possibly representing a person.
    A hard to discern drawing, possibly a kind of tent, or two sticks.
    A drawing of an "OK" hand.
    A person throwing a spear at a humanoid creature saying "Help!".
    A drawing of a desert landscape, with a mountain in the background.
    A drawing of a flower representing a daisy, or perhaps a jellyrot.
    A drawing of a person walking.
    A drawing depicting Sari's earlier battle (let's be real it was more of a flee) against a green jellyrot
    A drawing of Sari and her best friend, which is implied to be Mars. They're pictured about to kill a giant creature, and Mars is stated as having a "really cool computer capable of working with graphical applications."
    A drawing depicting how Sari imagines a graphical application would look like, based on her friends’ descriptions. It has an imagined chat between Sari and her best friend that she is quote "too embarassed to read right now."
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