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    The Forest is a location visited by Sari in Chapter 1 Act 1.


    The forest made up of trees with purple leaves. Golden flowers can also be found growing in it. The trees, and perhaps the golden flowers, are occasionally eaten by herbivorous creatures.

    Orange and magenta moss is featured in high-altitude scenes, as well as orange bushes and ferns, believed to be the main food source for iris birds.

    Bomb berries are the only other officially named flora in the forest. They are considered very dangerous by Sari and are demonstrated through a beautiful presentation of someone eating said bomb berry on Page 9. They are used to make explosive spears, implying that they are highly volatile and react to impact.

    Small blue berries, citrus, and what seems to be a red onion is featured in Sari's "food box" in her home, implying that they grow in the forest as well.

    WARNING: All flora below are only theorized about, not shown in the world, and are only shown through Sari's depiction of them.

    Ashstools are small mushrooms featured in the forest. They are only seen in Sari's drawings, but are theorized to exist.

    Cherry bombs are a mutation strain of bomb berries. They are much smaller, and less powerful in potency. They are edible, but it is not advised to eat them in large quantities.

    Peekers are daisy-like flowers found in the forest.


    The forest features a small array of creatures, ranging from the humanoid meers to small weasel-like creatures.

    A meekit in a field of green grass

    Meekits are scavengers of the forest, presumably surviving on the half-consumed corpses of other creatures, or plants. They are known to be skittish, being able to hide in seconds when they sense a predator is around. They are never seen in the comic, although they are said to exist in the forest[1].

    Iris birds also appear in the forest, albeit a bit higher up.

    An iris bird perched on a collection of yellow leaves.
    A close-up of an iris bird, showcasing their ability to use their eyes as lights.

    They are dark purple, with bright magenta eyes. Iris birds are only seen in somewhat-high places, implying that they feed off of high-altitude plants. The eyes of the Iris birds are completely mechanical, being able to light them up if their surroundings are too dark. The rest of its body is wholly organic. It is described as "not tasty, but edible".

    Meers are humanoid creatures featured in the river under Sari's Tower.

    Ash lights are peaceful, passive creatures found in the upper areas of Sari's tower. They are seen lighting up the area next to Sari while she climbs into a pipe leading to the main superstructure. They are small, about the size of Sari's fingertip. They are jellyfish-like in nature, peacefully drifting through the air, releasing a glow to possibly find a mate, or just each other. Their colors range from white to light green and have several dark spots on their body. Their bodies connect to three tentacle-like protrusions, believed to give the ash lights their ability to float through the air.

    WARNING: All fauna below are only theorized about, not shown in the world, and are only shown through Sari's depiction of them.

    Prowlers are featured in Sari's art twice. They are large, dog-like creatures only seen through art. They are theorized to be the prey of green jellyrots, as Sari states in her explanation of how they eat. They have pointed ears, and are depicted with fangs.

    Moorgeese are avian creatures bearing a resemblance to ducks.

    Skitmice are small, mice-like creatures with big eyes and large ears. It is theorized that they use both to hide from predators.

    Meckos are depicted as a lizard-like creature. It is unknown where they live or what they eat.


    Jellyrot is featured in two different forms in the forest. It is unknown if they are flora or fauna, therefore this category was made to compensate. Jellyrot is naturally blind, but is said to have "very good hearing" to make up for it.

    A pale orange jellyrot consuming a tree

    Jellyrot are covered in "ears", small orbs that light up when reacting to sound. They are seen active when Sari claps her hands on Page 20. Jellyrot are also known to be as intelligent as a human, being able to make conscious decisions at very fast speeds. This is demonstrated in the animation on Page 53, as it is able to keep up with Sari's movements effortlessly. They are also capable of being highly destructive, as Sari states she had "seen it before, eating beasts... in a matter of seconds."

    A pale orange jellyrot is seen feasting on a tree on Page 19. It is unknown how they absorb energy, but it is theorized that they use their tentacles to absorb nutrients from dead plants. Sari mentions that she has never seen one of them before, implying that they might be a new mutation. Or, perhaps, due to the consumption of a golden flower, it turned orange and passive. They are seen having two main tentacles, with almond-shaped ears featured on them. It is possible that the orange variant melts trees down to liquid, as seen on Page 70. This possibly also proves Sari's quote of being able eat beasts in a matter of seconds.

    Green jellyrot is implied to be much deadlier and faster than its orange counterpart. It is seen chasing Sari across many platforms, using its tentacles to stick and climb to its environment. They are also known to be somewhat stealthy, being able to sneak up on Sari while distracted. It is unknown how far and sensitive their hearing is. This could lead to a possible use of the bomb berries Sari mentions, as it might temporarily or permanently deafen them. They have six main tentacles, with multiple minor ones in-between. They also spread a kind of goo, which alerts Sari to their presence.

    A green jellyrot preparing to attack Sari

    Sari's House

    Sari's house is on the outer part of the forest, on top of a hill. It is a large, pale purple structure with one, naturally open window. Her home consists of two rooms and one hallway. "Cave" drawings cover the walls of the house, demonstrating Sari's artistry. Sari's art represents many of the things that supposedly happened in her life, ranging from creatures she's possibly seen, to battles she has fought. Her house contains a sink, although it is not known if it has access to running water. The house's windows are covered with dark magenta curtains. Sari sleeps on a purple bedroll, with a lavender colored pillow. She owns a dead cactus, which she puts in the corner of her room. A makeshift computer is featured under the window in her room. On the opposite side of the room there is a box with food.[2]

    The Superstructure

    In-between the forest trees, arises a massive structure built from steel. It is described as immensely tall, as it rises beyond the ash layer of the sky. At the bottom of the tower, many small, orb-like garbage is featured in large quantities. It is unknown what the use of the orbs are. The structure itself is made up of three main towers, in a triangular pattern. The towers are connected by many catwalks, with moss and wires spreading like vines across them. A metal girder is seen holding up one of the catwalks, and is Sari's main entrance for one of the towers. The towers themselves are in a state of disrepair, with holes and punctures appearing in them. Eyestalks are seen stalking Sari throughout, which bears a striking resemblance to the resident. An unknown symbol marks the top of the girder when Sari reaches a catwalk. Radar dishes and broken TVs appear throughout the structure. When Sari arrives to a set of locked doors, a red symbol appears, but is soon replaced by a gold symbol, allowing Sari's entry. Railings are seen throughout the interior structure, implying large, open areas. A console with 4 children and a clock next to it. A river is featured under the structure itself, with power lines leading into it.

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